Corporate & Industrial 

You may have considered large marketing or advertisement firms, but there are negative angles which can harm your finances and not have the impact you are aiming for. Get the best bang for your buck by working alongside small production houses to save time, money and gain quality content.

Small business or large corporation, the main focus is audience attention, and keeping your audience engaged can be a challenge. Let us create the solution to your challenge. We are a team of experienced professionals who tackle challenge at its core. We keep our content short and precise while deliver the message out to your audience. 

No project is too small or too large. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about your upcoming project and we will be more than happy to assist you.




Please contact us with the following:
Budget min/max

Production Timeline


Or also known as industry standard "Pre Production", is when the planning occurs. You and your business execs come together to plan and budget the project. It is a good idea to speak regarding the style/aesthetic/content of the video. Once completed, you may contact the production studio and present your project and budget.

It is very important to be clear with your message, budget and have your team on the same page.


This is where it all happens. A team of talented crew will be working along side you to make bring your vision into reality. The crew is consisted of:

  1. Director/Producer (show runner)
  2. Director of Photography (camera person)
  3. Audio Engineer (sound mixer)

The size of the crew is dependent on the budget. Upon completion, the content is taken to the post production where the last bit of magic happens. 


The editing process can be lengthy. Similar to the production team, there is a team of talent who works in the back end to add the final touch. From colour grading, to sound design and rendering the right codec, it can take days or even weeks for the final product to be ready. 

We can always fasten the procedure by having a bigger crew work on the project simultaneously. Be sure to mention this in the planning stage.